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Load shedding reduced to stage 1 - EWN
Load shedding reduced to stage 1. The utility said it was still short of generation capacity and so rolling power cuts will stay in place ...
Published 2022-05-28 11:21:41

Eskom announces Stage 1 weekend power cuts | eNCA
#POWERALERT1 Loadshedding will be reduced to Stage 1 from 17:00 this afternoon until 22:00 tonight. Stage 1 loadshedding will again be implemented ...
Published 2022-05-28 11:14:09

Eskom gives weekend load-shedding update - MyBroadband
Published 2022-05-28 09:16:23

Welcome to the worst year of load shedding as energy experts warn of more outages this winter - IOL
Johannesburg - Energy experts in the country have warned South Africans to prepare for the worst as load shedding is expected to continue ...
Published 2022-05-28 09:10:01

Eskom downgrades load shedding to Stage 1 - The Citizen
Eskom has announced that load shedding will be reduced to Stage 1 and will be implemented from 5pm until 10pm on Saturday.
Published 2022-05-28 08:38:47

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