When loadshedding is taking place there is often a large percentage of users who hit the web in hopes to find out where loadshedding is currently taking place. In a effort to help all local websites we've started building widgets that integrate with the our loadshedding schedules. This allows any website/blog to install widgets that inform users, in a non-intrusive way, about the current loadshedding status.

This is a free service and we'll keep it that way ! Free for forever to help spread awareness.

Notification Header

The header bar is only shown when loadshedding is currently active else nothing is shown to the user. Supporting everything from desktop to mobile phones you'll be able to inform all of your users in a good looking design.

Allows a user to click and immediately see the currently affected areas with links to full schedules for all the listed areas. All happening on your own website without the user leaving, only when they want more information or the full schedule.

Who receives the campaigns ?

The widget also delves into the specific areas that are affected. When the user clicks on the

button a dialog like the one on the right will open up.

Here all the zones that are currently effected will be listed with clickable links to each area for the full schedule.

The user will never leave your site while just looking at this data, only when looking for more detailed schedules will they be able to follow a link.

How to install

We made installation as painless as possible. All that is required is to add one line before your ending body. Add the following line:

After which the will be installed and ready for use. The bar will only show when loadshedding is in effect though

Made with love in Cape Town

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