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The City assures residents that the water in Cape Town is safe to drink
... water is subjected to strict, rigorous treatment to ensure that it is safe for the public to drink and use, even during prolonged loadshedding.
Published 2023-05-25 15:15:06

Joburg plans big changes to load shedding hours - BusinessTech
Loadshedding is forcing small businesses to cut production time and drive up costs, impacting their profitability. A study by Nedbank, ...
Published 2023-05-25 15:04:38

Tractor announces power-backed DOOH solution - Media Update
According to the media owner, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media has seen thousands of screens across the country go dark when load shedding kicks ...
Published 2023-05-25 15:01:14

Difficult winter ahead as Eskom warns Western Cape of high possibility of Stage 8 load shedding
Acting Eskom CEO, Calib Cassim, said higher stages of load shedding could be expected in winter due to increased demand. Eskom has planned for Stage 5 ...
Published 2023-05-25 13:47:38

Load shedding making restaurants less profitable - Moneyweb
A round-up of news updates, including a look at how Tshwane plans to fix its water treatment plants and load shedding's impact on food deliveries.
Published 2023-05-25 13:22:24

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