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EcoFlow Launches PowerStream, Helping Home Stay Powered During Load Shedding
During load shedding last year, the EcoFlow portable power stations helped power over 50,000 families in South Africa. The PowerStream marks the ...
Published 2024-03-05 08:40:47

South Africa's biggest retailer eats R500 million load shedding bill as sales and profits soar
Shoprite has shaken off a massive R500 million load shedding bill as its core business continues to flourish.
Published 2024-03-05 08:18:32

Eskom takes charge of load-shedding again after non-compliance by CoE - The Citizen
This is not the first time Eskom has taken back the role of load-shedding to CoE customers.
Published 2024-03-05 07:35:15

Load shedding schedule for City of Tshwane - SAPeople - Worldwide South African News
Eskom has rolled stage 2 load shedding. See the updated load shedding schedule for Tuesday for the City of Tshwane here.
Published 2024-03-05 06:15:02

Non-compliance by City leads to Eskom taking charge of load-shedding again - The Citizen
Failure to implement load-shedding when required by all electricity distributors, including municipalities, undermines the integrity and stability ...
Published 2024-03-05 04:11:48

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